Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Mystery of 2012

Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities

from The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, Jose Arguelles


We must wake up. Right now, we live in a world where human consciousness basically is a function of what we call “mass mind.” The mass mind is controlled and manipulated by – and believes in – governments and the whole range of institutions that are the key factors in modern life. Governments, institutions and the mass-media continuously put out information of a negative nature, negative energy, so that mass mind thrives on negative energy. Governments and institutions support this creation of negativity, and so humanity as a whole is in the grip of a very bad type of cultural hypnosis or civilizational trance. What matters is that we wake up so that we can enjoy the transiting of the beam. We have created such an imbalance through our technological binge, depletion of resources, and pollutions of the planet that we must wake up if we want to continue enjoying the planet. Our waking up will mean that we actually see that technology can’t help us and that we have to go beyond it. If we don’t wake up, the planet will naturally self-destruct because it is already so far out of balance.

We’re precisely at the point in time where the difference between a considerable number of us waking up and taking command and not waking up is the difference between the planet going into self-destruction and the planet continuing on its evolutionary path. To continue with the image of spaceship Earth, although we have used up the reserve energy supplies, we still have the central source, the sun, and our own very sophisticated bio-psychic instrumentation, our very beings, our human bodies. In terms of spaceship Earth, the wrong crew is in command, and it’s time for a mutiny.


There are actually many points of convergence among the Mayan galactic code, the I Ching, the Book of Revelations, and many other systems. The reasons for this are very easy to explain. We’re all operating in the same field. Be it ancient China, ancient Egypt, ancient Israel, or ancient Mexico, the human receivers picked up the same information beams, translating them into particular languages conditioned by already-developed beliefs in those particular areas.
In one case, you have the development of the I Ching in China with its mathematical code, which is exactly the same as the mathematical code of DNA and exactly the same as the mathematical code of the harmonic number progression of the Mayan code, a binary progression. Or you have the mathematical code of the Book of Revelations, which is based on 7 and 13, and 144 and 144,000; it’s the same number code as the Mayan code.

The Mayan code is the master code. It’s the galactic code. It’s the master program. The other codes are there, as I said, because humans everywhere can pick up on the same information from the same beams that are affecting the planet. Most of these codes and systems, like the Book of Revelations and the I Ching, were developed several thousand years ago. In these earlier phases before technology became the dominant factor, human receivers tended to be more operative. Right now, our receivers are quite shut down. There are people awake, here and there, making efforts to get other people to awaken. From the point of view of the code, being awake means opening up our receivers. This can only be done by having a genuine change of heart; a change of heart about what is happening in our lives, about what is happening on our planet, and realizing that if we are to continue, we must open up our receivers so that we can begin to receive the information and know what to do next. One might ask, If this is all laid out, what can we do? The fact is, it is all laid out only in some regards. We are so asleep to what is laid out for us that we can’t take advantage of it.

The Maya made a visitation. They made a very skilful intervention into the biosphere of this planet and left a civilization behind that looks a lot like other civilizations. It’s very carefully disguised. Through my study of the calendar and my study of other code systems and calendars on the planet, I saw that all of them were contained in the Mayan code – particularly the DNA code and the I Ching code, which is contained as the central component, which I show in The Mayan Factor. There are no other codes like this on the planet.


In 2012 we will be at a place on the spiral, where only maybe one turn up on this particular beam, where we were in 3113 B.C., and what that means is that there’s a fresh start, and I think it means for ourselves here that there’s an evolutionary jump. The cycle that I’ve been talking about, the Great Cycle, is only a sub-factor of another larger cycle and all cycles – they go up (macro), and they go down (micro). The larger cycle that we’re dealing with is an approximately 26,000-year cycle that also ends in 2012. If you go back 26,000 years, this cycle roughly encompasses the evolutionary stage of Homo Sapiens. The peak of the last Ice Age was in 24,000 B.C. This is when what we call “modern humanity” emerged. So, this 26,000-year cycle actually encompasses five Great Cycles. We’re in the fifth and last of a set of Great Cycles that began in 24,000 B.C. It’s on this basis that we’re looking at 2012 as being a very, very critical junction. It’s what I refer to as “galactic synchronization”, and it also is a major evolutionary shift. The next evolutionary shift will occur in 2012.

There are other dimensions of reality, and there are more advanced stages of being and intelligence than ours. The universe is benign and compassionate. No one’s out to destroy us. UFO activity has increased since we entered a critical pollution stage, which followed the introduction of radioactive waste into the environment in 1945. It’s been since that point that the modern phenomenon of UFO’s has been with us. There is definitely a relationship between the Mayan factor and the UFO phenomenon, and I think that we can anticipate that the UFO activity will intensify. We must understand and realize that we are dealing with galactic civilization. That realization will facilitate a return to our own highest being, to our own receivers opening up, and the information, which right now we refer to as the information of the Mayan factor, will be information easily accessible to everybody.








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