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I wrote most of this article several weeks ago, well before Jose under-went inter-dimensional transformation. At first I was a little sad that he wouldn’t be here for the much-heralded “2012 event”, but then I thought about it, and concluded that, indeed, Jose is now “timeless” in ways few of us could pretend to know about, as well as that maybe with things going the way they are, he didn’t want to be hanging around for another 18 months becoming radio-active. Or maybe he wanted to be gone before everyone discovered what a huge hoax the 2012 thing has been all along and then came looking for him as its single biggest progenitor! Or maybe, unlike Osama, maybe he’s not dead!

I always had a lot of respect for the enormity of his contributions, especially his earlier, “pre-Mayan” work. To me, his greatest talent lay in visual art and this, along with his mission of the awareness of temporal and calendrical relativity, was his greatest contribution. I got to meet Jose a few times, our first meeting being in Boulder, Colorado in 1986. I personally think that some of his best work is, for example, a chapter in his book The Transformative Vision entitled “Art as Internal Technology”, and his book Earth Ascending, which has some of the coolest and most cosmically creative art/charts I’ve ever seen. With The Mayan Factor, what seemed like non-sense started creeping in, along with the number 666 and a lot of stuff about “ufo’s.” To be honest, since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 I sensed an increase in non-sense in direct proportion to his rise into the “new age” lime-light. The last time I saw him was when he gave his first “down-under” presentation on Easter Sunday of 2003 I think it was, in Melbourne. His ideas then were pretty grounded. But when I listened to a recording of a “Signs of Destiny” talk in California in 2004, his credibility was undermined when I heard him say that, for example, the “people” on his planet referred to our Earth as something like “Velatropa 4368”…not his exact words but close enough. The implication is that 1) there’s another planet “somewhere” with people just like us, 2) they speak English, and 3) he’s from there, and is possibly back there now? All this, plus the fact that for many years now, he’s insisted that he’s actually this being called Pacal Votan, a resurrected priest from ancient Mayan Guatemala…the “Guatemala” of “his” planet, I presume? Truly, who can say for sure about the nature of someone else’s personal reality? I remain sceptical, but ultimately I am open to anything, especially if it’s coherently presented!

I found the closing insights in his chapter of the book The Mystery of 2012 to be of value, especially within a paradigm where “codes” are the in-thing; we do need to wake up, but why tag the ever-ubiquitous “ufo” meme onto all this? It would seem to me that many other topics of much greater significance could have been added on to the end of this piece, for example, research about how our brains interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, humanity’s seeming obsession with fiction, or the immense amount of negative karma that “man, the wise” has accrued for the past 5000 years and that must necessarily be cleared before any hope of “ascension” is remotely possible. Even talking about “other dimensions” and beings therein doesn’t necessitate talking about UFO’s, does it? Whales, trees, or undisrupted indigenous people could exist in or experience these “other dimensions.” Wizards and hobbits, too. Even sleep or ‘altered states’ could be “other dimensions”. So why does not only Arguelles, but almost every other “new age” guru, cosmic researcher, and alternative networker keep a bright spot-light focussed on the whole UFO thing? Every issue of magazines like Nexus, Uncensored, or Atlantis Rising has at least one major piece devoted to all this.

The articles that are of value to me are the ones that reveal how “flying disc” technology has existed at least since the days of the Third Reich; that “ufo’s” do exist, but that they are strictly human in design and operation.

Arguelles suggests that the modern-day UFO phenomenon began shortly after the detonation of atomic weapons in 1945: “they” suddenly took notice of what we were doing and amped up their surveillance operations, even allowing themselves to be seen by us.

But there’s another reason that the modern-day UFO phenomenon began just after World War 2, and it has to do with our old friends the Nazi psychiatrists and the CIA, both of whom crept onto the American scene at this time, and all of whom were working essentially for Wall Street. The CIA was commissioned by a national security directive in 1946, and in September 1947 what’s referred to as the “Roswell crash” happened.

The mainstream story is that a “ufo” crashed in the desert of southern New Mexico, rather close to the site where the Trinity atomic detonation had occurred. Military personnel arriving on the scene discovered humanoid aliens on board, some of whom were still alive. They were then transported to a secret base, debriefed, given cups of coffee, made deals, gave us a whole new generation of technology, had a jam, pitched Reese’s Pieces, phoned home, and so on…you’ve already seen it all in countless movies and tv shows. Early science-fiction shows and movies kept the “alien” thing going until it could be taken up by minds as creative and influential as Steven Spielberg, who has by now made sure that the whole bug-eyed agenda is firmly embedded in our collective psyche.

Former Naval intelligence operative William Cooper revealed, however, that the whole Roswell incident was indeed a psychological warfare operation in which monkeys that had been shaved and surgically altered were passed off as “aliens.” Many or most of the “military personnel” who “recovered” the “ufo” and crew were in on the plot, but the overall illusion was good enough to fool a lot of people, to this very day. This whole thing planted a potent seed of delusion which continues to be nourished.

The existence of “flying disc” technology in Nazi Germany is documented; and if thousands of Nazi scientists came into America, you can bet they brought their “flying discs” with them…or maybe even came ON them, who knows? This was in the mid-1940’s; what have they come up with in the intervening 60-plus years? Could it be that on 21 December 2012 they’re going to “let loose” with the whole shebang they’ve been working on all this time, to stage the much-heralded “fake alien invasion” foreshadowed by the “War of the Worlds” broadcast in 1939, using every technological innovation available, including tropospheric holographic projections from satellite-based lasers, supplemented by “real” successors of Nazi “flying discs”? With genetically-engineered “aliens” instead of monkeys? What might they have started from this time…mental patients? Did you know that, according to mainstream news, a few weeks ago the largest rocket ever was launched from the “new” American space-base on the west coast, its payload a huge “spy satellite”?

The engineers of the Roswell prank were really doing the exact same thing that producers, directors and special-effects technicians do when “faking reality” for a movie. The only difference was passing it off as “reality” rather than entertainment. Today, the boundaries have become increasingly warped, and it’s widely known, for example, in media-analysis circles that the vast majority of what is called “news” is in fact fabricated by public relations firms. Former CIA officials even admitted faking those “bin Laden” interviews! Before AND after he died! What more do we need to know? The only thing keeping us ingesting all this fiction is our overwhelming desire to be deceived!

“Photographic evidence” of “alien spaceships” or “moon-bases” or the “face on Mars” prove nothing except our sustained uncritical assimilation of images that are extremely easily faked or digitally synthesized. I’ve actually been “on-lab” at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory more than once in the 1980’s and 90’s. An air of “top-secrecy” surrounded the computer graphics lab; no unauthorized visitors were allowed entry under any circumstances.

Jay Weidner has written a comprehensive and very interesting article on how (and why) Stanley Kubrick “faked” the Apollo moon landings. Check it out…it’s quite believable. [note: Weidner used to have this article on his site but has replaced it with an advert to buy the dvd]







“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”


[note: DEFINITELY watch this film...it has actual footage from NASA that shows the Apollo astronauts talking when they didn't think they were being recorded, etc!]

Interestingly, Weidner actually says that even though Kubrick was commissioned to “fake” the Apollo moon walks, he never speculates on who did the commissioning, and that he believes astronauts did in fact visit the moon, but the public has never been allowed to see or know about what they really found. As the impossibility of living humans passing through the Van Allen radiation belts has often been the single biggest reason given for the unreality of “moon-walks”, this could be a subtle maneuver by Weidner to “leave the door open” for “aliens.” I’ve had suspicions about “hermetic expert” Weidner since my “run-in” with him a couple years ago when I criticized their placement of the Georgia Guidestones, quasi-occult monuments to world government and depopulation, in two films purportedly about 2012.

Regardless, however, if Kubrick did fake the Apollo walks, consider that this was in the 1960’s; the same elite interests who would have commissioned this project could only have forged ahead with countless more equally ambitious operations in their unreality enterprises. Most of Hollywood would be on the e.t. wagon by now, at one level or another.

The whole point is that a tremendous amount of time, effort and expense has been and is being mobilized to wage a massive “public relations” campaign on behalf of the existence of humanoid “aliens” from somewhere out there, at least as if to try to ensure that they seem real in our minds, that we’re not uncomfortable with their existence.

Real “UFO’s”?

I’ll conclude this aside with two true stories pertaining to another type of “ufo” that may be a little more real than the bug-eyed grays in their metallic discs.

In the mid-1990’s I was visiting a friend who was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mike. I’d known him for several years and I know that if he was bullshitting me, I’d know or it he’d tell me. He told me of how once a few months earlier he and some friends had been driving back to Santa Fe after a ski trip up into Colorado. They were driving down Highway 285 at night. This is an extremely beautiful and very remote road roughly paralleling Interstate 25 from Denver to Santa Fe.

Mike said that all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere, a luminous object appeared and “flew” along right next to the car, only a few meters away. He and the other guys were totally freaked out. Mike said they were on the verge of panic and he said “Don’t look at it and it’ll go away!” Right…as if you could look away from something like that!!!

When I asked him to describe it, he said it was roughly spherical, maybe three to five meters in diameter. He said it looked a little like an eye-ball, with pulsing luminescent fibers in it, kind of orangish-yellow in colour. He kept driving and it stayed right with them for a few minutes, then vanished. He also swore on a stack of Bibles that he was stone cold sober at the time.

Also in the mid-1990’s I was visiting a friend of mine in San Francisco who had been a close friend of Jose Arguelles for years and had just returned from a trip down to Mexico with him. The topic of “ufo’s” came up, and Mark asked me if I wanted to see some photos that someone had given them down there. I opened the folder and looked at several colour prints of what appeared to be something roughly similar to what Mike had described from their New Mexico encounter: a luminous object, more organic than mechanical, yellow-orange in colour, with barely discernible fibers inside. This one was more elongated than spherical, and appeared to be hovering just beyond where the highway in the foreground went around the mountain-side. Mark said the photos were taken by someone they knew and trusted, and that it was, indeed, a “ufo.” So maybe Jose is right after all.

The part I found most interesting, however, was Mark’s response when I asked him if the Mexicans knew where the “ufo’s” came from. He said, “They come from inside the rocks.” Not another planet or galaxy, not another “time”, not even another “dimension”…they came out of the rocks.

Very interesting…maybe they are the “guardian beings” portrayed in the pictographs of Barrier Canyon, Utah, who were “released” when “precious things were dug from the ground” at Black Mesa, on the Hopi reservation, and used to create the first atomic weapons.

The Reason for an “E.T.” Agenda?

I think it’s very clear that “someone” on this planet wants everyone else to believe in the reality of reasonably humanoid aliens, with big eyes, distorted heads and growths on their faces. Their agenda? Only time will tell. A massive amount of evidence exists that all this is the result of a massive and on-going “reality orchestration” campaign that began with Roswell in 1947. Check out the research of Jacques Valle and Dave Emory for what I think is the true story of “E.T.”


For insight into “who” may be behind the “alien” scam, read the quotation below, which is supposedly from Carol Rosin, who was Dr. Werner van Braun’s personal secretary for the last few years of his life. Van Braun had been a top Nazi SS scientist and developed the V-2 rocket (which significantly was designed as much for it’s psychological ability to terrify as much as it was to blow things up!) before being imported into America to head NASA.

“What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics. That was how we identify an enemy. The strategy that Werner Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had “killer satellites”. We were told that they were coming to get us and control us-that they were “Commies.”

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country ‘crazies.’ We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.’ “

It sounded like van Braun knew the blue-print well, a Nazi blue-print being re-enacted at the next level today.

And with Osama now dead, again, for the what, fifth or sixth time…you KNOW he’s not going to be happy about having been killed so many times…”they” will now have to deploy another, bigger and scarier “bogey” to terrify what’s left of the public mind: the threat of an alien invasion.


Will the resurrected Osamessiah be piloting the entire fleet of saucers as they descend on America…using his state-of-the-art laptop, the same one he used to orchestrate 9/11? Will Obama save the day? Will Obama be piloting the saucers? Homer Simpson? You never know these days.

To put the icing on the cake as it were, it’s not impossible that Jose Arguelles was involved in covert mind-control operations, along with people like James Hurtak, Richard Hoagland (both with histories involving the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and both proponents of the “face on Mars”), probably beginning no later than the writing of The Mayan Factor, where, as I mentioned before, the “ufo” non-sense made it’s major debut in his work. In an interesting book entitled The Stargate Conspiracy, investigative journalists Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince connect the dots with a lot of these “new age” gurus, the “alien” agenda, and the legacy of the CIA’s notorious MK-Ultra mind-control operation, whose various isotopes have decayed into on-going daughter projects, most of which remain unknown to outsiders. But the signatures abound, of a weird intersection of “occult” and “absurd.”

In conclusion, as I see it, Jose Arguelles was a fantastic and visionary artist who somehow “sold out”, if not to “occult” interests, at least to absurdity. I do think it’s conceivable that the Apollo moon-walks were in fact contrived by Stanley Kubrick, and that the lunar missions were a psychological operation, especially given Werner van Braun’s Nazi background. I also believe that the majority of “ufo” sightings, disclosures and so on are complete rubbish, and disguises for nefarious human activity, BUT that other, unexplained phenomena do exist, such as the similar “objects” (beings?) seen by my friend in southern Colorado and photographed by Jose’s friend in Mexico. These do not appear to be the product of human mind-control operations or engineering.

But appearances can be misleading. Those photos could have been fake, and Jose may not be dead. I didn’t see the body. But I do know he did exist, because I met him a few times. This much I can be sure of.

We as humans continue to go to extraordinary lengths to fool ourselves, yet the realities of the inner and outer cosmos remain not only unknown, but unknowable.

3 MAY 2011

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