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CREATIVE RENAVIGATION: The Karma and Dharma of Being Here Now

The Karma and Dharma of Being Here Now

"Mankind has gone very far into an artificial world of his own creation. He has sought to insulate himself, in his cities of steel and concrete, from the realities of earth and water and the growing seed. Intoxicated with a sense of his own power, he seems to be going farther and farther into more experiments for the destruction of himself and his world… We have looked first at man with his vanities and greed and his problems of a day or a year; and then only, and from this biased point of view, we have looked outward at the earth he has inhabited so briefly and at the universe in which our earth is so minute a part. Yet these are the great realities, and against them we see our human problems in a different perspective…Here and there awareness is growing that man, far from being the overlord of all creation, is himself part of nature, subject to the same cosmic forces that control all other life. Man's future welfare and probably even his survival depend upon his learning to live in harmony, rather than in combat, with these forces...the more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us the less taste we shall have for the destruction of our race.”

Rachel Carson, speech in acceptance of the National Book Award, 1963

"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft. We cannot maintain it half fortunate, half miserable, half confident, half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of man, half free in a liberation of resources undreamed of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us all."

Adlai Stevenson, address to United Nations, 1964

“We are blinded by the delusions that rise from our hollow and rotting social order. It is vain pomposity to believe that humanity can advance while the Earth and its native peoples, plants and animals are enslaved, desecrated and destroyed.”

Robert Lawlor, Voices of the First Day, 1992

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.”
Mark Twain

The Karma and Dharma of Being Here Now

We live in a vast cosmic context beyond our comprehension as well as our control; paradoxically, after at least a million years in our present form, we as a species find ourselves overwhelmed by an array of problems arising exclusively from our own actions, including the destruction of the human genome and an accelerated “mass-extinction” phenomenon known as industrial civilization, which could prove to be the “final solution” for life on Earth.

No greater problems confront humanity today than those of true self-understanding, individually and collectively; herein are the solutions to the essentially psychological and spiritual issues which threaten the continuity of the human adventure, those of purposive self-destruction, chronic denial, and the deep-seated inability actually to use the best knowledge we already have. These problems are not biological in origin but are the result of “software” anomalies in the human psyche.

If we each had done a lot more inner work, we may never have participated in the development and maintenance of a parasitic world system founded on greed, exploitation and genocide; we may never have funded the evolution of the global military-industrial juggernaut whose primary target is now us; we would have known better than to become mindless addicts and consumers of products, technologies and world-views designed to create disease and death. We would never have allowed the construction of nuclear reactors or technetronic weapons systems, fallen prey to the ministries of mass-media and mind control, or come to worship in the Church of the Fed. We would never have committed planetary ecocide, or submitted to being murdered. We would never have allowed our individual and collective dharma to sink so low.

Our collective dharma, our adherence to that which we know is right and true, has declined so drastically that values, beliefs and practices are now accepted as “normal” which even 20 years ago would have been decried as acute violations of honesty and decency. Without reservation, we routinely ingest images of institutionalised fraud, deception and mass-murder, hosted by a veritable “tumour circus” of celebritized acticians; moreover, we uncritically assimilate these images as both “real” and “acceptable.”

Through the summation of our collective inertia, we have allowed a full-spectrum nightmare scenario to unfold before our very eyes wide shut. The technological facility to destroy life as we know her on this planet has been unleashed in many forms, the most lethal of which is ionising radiation from all things nuclear.

The nuclear scenario is the most salient example of the seemingly insoluble human dilemma. For over 60 years this situation has compounded exponentially in terms of biological lethality and psychological unreality. The wake of Fukushima has at one level generated a renewed wave of nuclear awareness, forcing an appraisal of just how insane it all really is. Consider the following:

“Based on the ration of spent rods to reactor fuel inside U.S. nuclear facilities, there are close to 200,000 metric tons of high-level nuclear waste at the 453 civilian nuclear-energy plants worldwide. Yet not a single permanent storage site has ever been opened anywhere.” Yoichi Shimatsu, journalist

“Dr. Helen Caldicott…relates that a typical one mega-watt reactor produces approximately 500 pounds of plutonium per year…At this same rate, 227 lethal doses of plutonium are produced for every watt of electricity generated. The electricity consumed by a typical light bulb results in the creation of thousands of lethal doses of plutonium alone, not to mention over 1000 other highly dangerous substances…the 400+ civilian reactors alone world-wide would produce around 92,000 kgs of plutonium per year. This equals 92 trillion lethal doses of plutonium being created per year. This is on-going and doesn’t even begin to include what already exists. The number of lethal doses of plutonium that currently exists might be on the order of 10 to the 15th power. And this is JUST plutonium; over a thousand other extremely dangerous radio-nuclides come into being during fission reactions, many with extended half-lives. We currently possess enough plutonium to kill every person on Earth tens of thousands of times.” Jeff Phillips, information activist

“Dr Paolo Scampa, a widely know EU Physicist…[relates that thus far the Fukushima disaster has released] three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) lethal doses of radiation [which] means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell.” Bob Nichols, journalist

The average person’s mind tends to shut down when forced to confront facts like these, yet the unimaginably and incomprehensibly dire nuclear scenario is affecting almost every living thing on the planet, with the possible exception of benthic thermophile cyanobacteria. This quasi-supernatural, “science-fiction” situation, growing worse day by day, is not “cosmic” nor is it an “accident” but an “anthropogenic catastrophe” with planetary consequences, which has come about exclusively through continued and directed human action.

In addition to a massive elevation of global radiation levels, Fukushima has generated a new wave of nuclear awareness; this ray of light, however, is immensely over-shadowed by revelations that the earthquake which caused the damage was not in fact “naturally occurring” but an act of “tectonic warfare”, and that the “leaders of the free world” are in fact clearly committed to agendas of premeditated depopulation and oligarchical megalomania.

Lies, distortion, spin, marginalisation, distraction and actual media and information black-outs have all been fully deployed to prevent the public as a whole from knowing what is really going on with Fukushima and the global radiation scenario; most people seem to be ok with this, however, as even though a relatively accurate…and shocking to the nuclear novice…perspective is available with a little work, they find the whole global radiation thing to be somewhat inconvenient to business as usual. Since it’s invisible anyway, most people are more or less oblivious, although not quite as blissfully as they would like.

When we step back and look at what’s happening, we can discern a clear historical pattern, of which Fukushima is only the most recent and most extreme example: human beings using their most advanced methods and technologies to inflict death and disease on other human beings. These methods and technologies are rationalized and/or disguised as “nature” or “liberation”; the “spectacle consumers” as a whole swallow it all just like another episode of The Simpsons, while “the people” who are being “liberated” endure or succumb to plagues of escalating technological innovation.

The practice of genocide is one of the unique characteristics that sets homo sapiens, “man, the wise” apart from all other life forms on Mother Earth. No other species of life engages in systematic killing of its own kind, nor has any other species attempted to demonstrate its purported “superior intelligence” by becoming a threat to the health and/or existence of other species of life.

Why is this happening? The way I see it is that Mother Earth, in her compassionate wisdom and love for all her children…not just us…and having given us ample opportunity as a species…has endured our dementia long enough and is now allowing us to destroy ourselves. Why make someone else do the job?

Indigenous people have warned us for many a mega-moon that “what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” We were warned time and time again that “if we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster.” Not only have we NOT heeded these warnings in the least, as a whole we have forged ahead at full throttle laying waste to the planet as fast as possible. We individually may not drill the well, but we purchase the petrol and burn it in our vehicles. Mulitiply our daily damage times billions of upwardly-mobile people and a significant slice of ecocide and its karmic consequences comes into focus. Our growing demand feeds exploitation and supports the extraction cartels, who influence us to want even more. The driving force of modern “civilization” has been mass-genocide followed by mass-exploitation, an “unconscious jihad” against the Earth. This in a nutshell is the karmic foundation upon which the entire past 5000 years rests. We as humans are all responsible; no one forced us to do these things.

These long-standing warnings from indigenous people are not superstitious beliefs but cosmic wisdom incomprehensible to “civilized” humanity, yet grounded in ancient knowledge and awareness of energies and inter-relationships inherent in the fabric of life. We have the ability not only to access this cosmic wisdom but to implement it in our daily lives; that we have not done so is a testament to the human paradox.

Look again at the global nuclear scenario. Through our obsession with extracting “precious things”…gems, metals, minerals, coal and petroleum, for example…we have accumulated a monstrous karmic burden from the genocide of indigenous peoples, the rape of their land, as well as incalculable environmental and toxicological consequences.

The mining of uranium from sacred indigenous land for use in the atomic bomb took the karmic consequences to another level entirely. Uranium and other naturally radioactive elements are literally “star stuff”, truly sacred substances whose residual energies are supernova condensates; their presence in the Earth is inseparable from and perhaps essential to the evolution of life as we know her. Human extraction, mobilization, and concentration of these materials has created a “self-destruct” mechanism which is now in full swing.

Even a cursory rational analysis of the current nuclear scenario reveals that because of the astronomical amounts of extraordinarily radioactive substances that have been and are being created daily, existing as fuel, weapons and waste, in storage or dispersed throughout the biosphere, it could be simply a matter of time until life as we know her has been all but extinguished. Contrary to popular delusion, these substances can IN NO WAY be isolated from the environment; and, contrary to popular delusion, at least 20 generations of people must be studied in order fully to understand the genetic implications of ionising radiation. We of today are only the third or fourth; that another 16 generations of human life is even remotely possible is highly questionable. Well documented, moreover, are the increased frequencies of cancer, infertility, and cognitive impairment occurring in people exposed to artificial ionising radiation at any level, i.e., every person alive today.

We as human beings have done this. Not “they”, “we.” I hold this principle of “species responsibility” to be equally as real as the concept of karma, which is an ancient Hindu word meaning essentially “what comes around, goes around.”

At the leading edge of thought, through a synergy of synthesis, where scientific knowledge, intelligent speculation, cosmic insight, shamanic vision and creative imagination fuse, we may discover understanding not only of the reality of karma, but also how and why humans have arrived at the current situation, as well as how we may in fact be able to transform the collective “actual death experience” we seem to be creating into a highly educational collective “near death experience.”

In a more in-depth article I will explore possible explanations or “mechanisms” not only for how karma might work, but also how the Hindu concept of yugas, or “galactic seasons”, might operate. According to Hindu cosmology, we are now somewhere in what they call the Kali yuga, the shortest but darkest of the “seasons” of a vast cosmic cycle: the time of war, degeneration, oppression, killing, machines, disease…the “iron age.” This idea makes a lot of sense when you look around at the world of human creation and the way it’s all been going; yet the presence of cosmic influences does not preclude the responsibility that comes with free will.

The scary part is that, IF we are in fact in the Kali yuga, unless we are at the very end, transitioning back into a “season” of higher vibration, then things are only going to continue to get worse. We need only look to Fukushima and the thousands of other reactors, weapons, wastes and contaminated sites around the world whose legacy of disease, depopulation and mutation may give way to extinction to visualize how much worse it can get. We can glimpse the future of humanity, of our descendents, in the images of deformed babies from Iraq and Chernobyl.

On the other hand, as impossible as it may seem, we may be able to reverse our descent into oblivion by elevating our dharma through conscious renavigation of our decision-making at every level: a genuine expression of the “wisdom” we claim to possess. This could result not only in “stopping” our destructive activities but more importantly in transforming our personal world-views, our internal psychology, our “operating environment” in ways that benefit life. Dharma essentially means doing what you know deep-down is right, listening to the “still small voice” of conscience. None of this will bring back species we have caused to go extinct or the indigenous people who have been murdered, nor will it put the ionising radiation back in the ground, but it could prevent the total annihilation of life that seems to be our goal.

This is the challenge of living in the Kali yuga: to maintain our dharma at all costs. It’s logical to assume that dharma must be maintained in ALL yugas, but that during the Kali yuga it’s MOST important as well as extremely difficult to do so.

Just as it might be easier to feel cold in winter than in summer, it might be easier to make selfish or destructive decisions in the Kali yuga as opposed to in the Sat yuga (the golden age); but the point is that it is possible to stay warm in winter, just as it is possible to make unselfish and life-nurturing decisions in the depths of Kali. The hordes of consumers, the herds of sheeple will far out-number the “people of one heart”, but only a handful are required to carry the seed of the next creation.

The biggest issue here is the level of awareness we each have of what is going on within and around us: it’s totally insane for people to think that they can magically “ascend” into “another dimension”, either through their own efforts and/or with the assistance of “higher beings”, while they are functioning as soldiers in World War 3 through the ecological and health consequences of their daily lives.

Technologies of psychic influence are pervasive; few people recognize television as the advanced weapons system, the “electronic dictator” it was designed to be. Reclaiming the autonomy of our own thought processes is the first step towards effective renavigation.

The next step is to examine fundamental beliefs, assumptions and values affecting how we live and relate with each other and Mother Earth. For example, we could ask ourselves, “IS the Earth just a ball of rock consisting of resources we need more and more of, or could she really be our mother in a real sense, a planetary being possessing a vast intelligence who gave birth to life, who has feelings of love and pain, and who is aware of us now? If so, how do we get in closer touch with her, heal our relationship with her?”

As the human beings of today the most powerful and intelligent changes we can make are to expand our “horizons of identity” to include as “ourselves” not only our entire human family, but our larger “family of life”, including Mother Earth herself, a family the Lakota refer to as “mitakuye oyasin”; to recognize and accept the unity of responsibility for how in truth “we”…not an indeterminate “they”…are harming the Earth and ourselves; and, most importantly, to renavigate our habitual patterns of living and thinking towards simpler and saner modes, and to implement ways of being and relating with each other and the world of nature which reflect a genuine love of life.

Pragmatically, most people in western “civilized” countries could elevate their dharma dramatically, and at the same time lessen their ecological “foot-print” and increase their health, by making a few changes in day-to-day routines that are typically accepted as “normal” but in global summation constitute a major share of the human impact on the Earth and therefore on our collective karma.

The basic idea is voluntary simplification: reducing or eliminating the use or consumption of products or technologies whose health risks, environmental dangers and/or fraudulent foundations are well known. Consider for example a few things that many people take for granted on a daily basis: driving a car, eating meat, watching tv, talking on mobile phones, building new houses, and using banks.

If people as a whole simply reduced their participation in these activities, not only would our accumulation of negative karma be massively reduced and our dharma levels be elevated, but the Earth and our fellow life-forms would breathe a sigh of relief from the lessening of our attack on them. Any intelligent person, were they to take a few moments to think about it, can explain in detail why all of these things are extraordinarily bad in general, for people and for the Earth. Allow me:

We need transportation, but not only is most driving unnecessary and wasteful, civilian petrol consumption is astronomical as are vehicular casualties, human and non-human. Professor Pete Singer estimates that over 60 billion animals are slaughtered annually for meat, most of them having endured tortuous and truncated existences. All animals have babies and love them. Television, the “atomic bomb of the mind” is not only the most advanced weapons system in use, it is also the most cleverly disguised. Mobile phones are literally microwave ovens held next to the brain; a global epidemic of brain and eye cancer is under way now. How many people actually need a new house, especially one that’s the size of a medieval castle, and that might be inhabited a few weeks out of the year? Think of the resources consumed, think of the billions of people who have no house; indigenous people never “owned” land. Finally, modern banking is the biggest lie we ever believed in, bigger than Jesus and Satan put together; that capitalism is a de facto religion is beyond refute. Gold is extremely valuable, but only when it’s in the ground where it belongs.

Voluntary simplification means that you need less money and resources, but that you can still have everything you need; it also involves the taboo practice of conservation, which no one can capitalize on but is the only truly intelligent and ecological solution to “growing energy demands.” We don’t need more energy…we need to use what we have more efficiently. And why do we need “to grow?” What’s wrong with growing smaller?

Beyond this level, we have the ability to create ways of living which do not require any of these harmful practices or technologies; how necessary or desirable are all the things we think we need more energy for? So we can drive faster and farther on tanks of water? We have the ability to live more cooperatively, in greater harmony and partnership with each other and the Earth. We have the ability to stop doing harmful things. The problem, the dilemma is why we are choosing NOT to stop doing harmful things even though we know better.

I believe that at this point in time, we are living in an ever-tightening feed-back loop not only of “consumption-demand-exploitation” but at another level, of our participation in violating the Earth, her life-forms and indigenous peoples. Our participation in what quite literally is a “war” on the Earth is directly driving the escalating “war on ourselves” manifesting most recently as weaponized “natural disasters” and “industrial accidents”, traditional “wars of aggression”, economic fraudulence, the “wall of doo-doo” mass-media syndrome, and the global depopulation agenda in general.

The loop is so tightly configured that for every farm animal that is tortured, every mile that is driven unnecessarily, every tree that is chopped down to make card-board, every kilogram of uranium that is mined…for each of these events, these flagrant ecological violations, several thousand litres of petrol are thrown onto the metaphorical fires in which humanity is being consumed…and several million allotments of plutonium.

If miraculously a significant number of people voluntarily simplified in the ways I suggested, not even by eliminating those activities but cutting back on them, it’s possible that the likelihood of another diabolical “false flag geo-terrorism” event, premeditated and executed as a deliberate attack on humanity and the Earth, may be greatly reduced. In other words, if we show that we care enough about nature and the Earth to make tangible changes in our lives which reflect this concern, then the entire holomorphic spiritual intelligence network of the Earth, of which we are only a small part, will know; if we lessen our destruction of nature, we also lessen the self-destruction of humanity against humanity.

Once again, in a more in-depth article I will go into the morphogenetic and whole systems concepts that I think explain how all this works. For now, we need to focus on what we can do, what changes we can implement at the level of the individual that can generate positive spiritual energy. The intent of making changes that show love of life is important, but intent without action is meaningless. Individual people cannot shut down a reactor or unplug a H.A.A.R.P. facility, BUT a million people each cutting back drastically or eliminating driving cars, eating meat, watching tv, using mobile phones, new construction, and supporting banks would generate a tsunami of positive spiritual energy that may help Mother Earth to reconsider extending our “existence permit” in her web of life.

Six and a half billion of us exist at this time, each of us possessing what is truly the “ultimate technology.” To open oneself to the full reality that we ARE in fact doing our utmost to kill ourselves and our planet, whether it’s through direct action or chronic inaction, is excruciating. With this many extremely powerful spiritual and creative human beings alive at one time, shouldn’t we be manifesting a collective reality that’s a little more desirable, instead of this worst-case scenario that seems to be a function of the “path of least resistance” having been taken for several millennia. After a 5000-year downhill journey we have arrived at the alluvial fan where the river of life meets the wide open sea; instead of a boat to eternity we find ourselves stuck in the mud and the ocean is a radioactive waste dump.

No matter what is happening to or around us…don’t point the finger at “them”, whether it’s Tepco, GE, Obama, Osama, Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Zionists, the Pentagon, Monsanto, Rio Tinto, the Queen, the Pope, the “illuminati”, or the Federal Reserve. Own the responsibility of being here now as a human being and realize that it’s truly “us” who are manifesting all of this. These people and organizations are just giving us what we want. We even pay them to do it!

Make a difference that makes a difference not through words, good intentions, or donations to Greenpeace; make real tangible changes in your own day to day life which reflect a spiritual intelligence committed to a genuine love of life, of Mother Earth, of “mitakuye oyasin”, of yourself. Treat the Earth like you would like to be treated, with gentleness and kindness. Ask not what your planet can do for you, but what you can do for your planet..or stop doing.

Our “inner homework” is long over-due; a critical examination of the “software anomalies” in our psychological “operating environment” is essential to successful renavigation of the human process. If we make some major transformations in how we think, for example, if we start identifying with consciousness instead of matter, then many “problems” no longer exist. If we are consciousness, we are eternal and therefore cannot experience “death.” And if we identify with the consciousness that we are, we are then able to perceive and honour the consciousness not only in all other people, but in all life-forms, in Mother Earth and beyond. I cannot think of a more empowering realization.

We have a lot to be thankful for. The crisis of extinction through our own actions could be an opportunity for spiritual transformation. We as a whole are choosing, allowing, participating in what is happening now. We are getting what we want; but is this what we really want? If we’ve found ways to stay warm in winter, surely we can find ways to stay sane in the Kali yuga!

Ultimately, we are each artists in a very real sense. Becoming conscious of the power of our creativity might be the lesson that all this is about; instead of creating bad karma, insanity and destruction, we may choose to elevate our dharma by creating awareness, beauty and harmony.



4 JUNE 2011

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