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Jeff Phillips & Liesbet Verstraeten
Flinders Island Tasmania
July-November 2011

We want to share with you what is our largest and most sophisticated “art project” to date. What started out as a single medicine wheel evolved into an n-dimensional “complex” that’s 30 metres long and consists of over 1300 rocks, at least a metric ton of sand, and is the product of hundreds of hours of intensive work, mainly hauling, clearing, land-scaping and construction.

As time seems to go by, and I reflect on exactly what we did with this, the implications and actuality become increasingly astounding. This posting is therefore not an exhaustive exposition but only an introductory presentation. I’m working on a piece of art that will be a painting/poster as well as schematic/blue-print, with text, of our “Mother Earth Temple”, it’s various dimensions, proportions, components, and alignments; for now, here are a few notes and photos. Unlike the pyramids and temples of ancient ‘civilizations’, our “complex” is a voluntarily ephemeral, human-scale and living expression of cosmic and indigenous creativity built by individual artists of their own free will, for no “reasons” that make sense to a “civilized” mind.

A unique combination of circumstances and synchronicities brought this into being, in terms of ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. Our “complex” is not just a ‘work of art’ or ‘landscape architecture’ project as such, but is a form of “geo-technology” which is actively processing and resonating with many levels of energy and consciousness, in real time, i.e., now, even in our absence. It’s the only “complex” of its kind of the planet. Liesbet and I are open to the possibility of creating similar “complexes” for the right people, wherever that might be.

During our first visit to ‘Balarnia’ in early 2009 we were inspired to construct our first medicine wheel, which is a native American tradition, a stone mandala on the ground, in and/or around which they conduct sacred ceremonies.

See the link below for photos from our first visit:


Our tendency with approaching any cosmic or indigenous spirituality or cosmology is to be open to it, to discover what we resonate with, while respecting the fact that aspects we do not understand may have meaning for or be understood by others in ways beyond our comprehension. We honour all wisdom and try to understand and integrate as much as we can. With respect to medicine wheels, for example, we honour the “wisdom of the circle” and of the “sacred hoop.” We think of ours as stone mandalas honouring Mother Earth and the spirit of all indigenous peoples; they are a focus of consciousness and a portal, if you will, to dimensions of life, the dream-time, and eternal creativity.

Over the next two and a half years we constructed six more medicine wheels on friends’ land in various parts of Australia and New Zealand.

See the links below for photos of two of them:


When we returned to ‘Balarnia’ in July the first thing we did was to check on our old medicine wheel. She was still there, now a ‘relic’ worn by the elements but holding up nonetheless. Over the coming weeks, we gradually renovated and rejuvenated her, removing unwanted vegetation, bringing in fresh sand, restoring all the rocks to their proper positions, adding more stone circles, and re-painting the symbol stones.

Upon arriving at ‘Balarnia’ we imagined that we’d live more or less as we had in 2009, doing lots of art, reading and writing, and communing with nature in a quiet and relaxed way. Arni was always asking me if I were going to “write my book” when I was there; indeed, I had been looking forward to a few weeks or months perhaps to do just this.

My goal of writing and our dreams of relaxation were not, however, to be the reality. Unbeknownst to us, Arni had moved from where he was living before and was now in the ‘pavilion’, the front area where Liesbet and I had lived in 2009. He put us back in the ‘guest house’, one of the older buildings he’d built. At first we were shocked, because, unlike the ‘Pavilion’, this place hadn’t been lived in at all for years, and for any length of time ever. Not that it’s not a very cool place by design; it’s just that due to time, nature and neglect, the ‘guest house’ was only marginally habitable in its present form. Therefore, we set out to make the place nice and fit for us to live in comfortably and happily. This turned out to be a TREMENDOUS amount of work, as it all began to merge with collecting rain water and creating gardens to grow our own food. Gloves, shovel, wheel-barrow, and using my own personal ‘geo-engineering’ bio-technology filled all daylight hours of coming weeks. This is another very interesting story that will have to wait for my ‘journale de ‘Balarnia.’”

What happened was that the spirit of ‘Balarnia’, who is in fact the spirit of the dream-time and of all indigenous realities, called on us in very special ways, ways that we didn’t even realize for a long time. We have always paid close attention to what is happening around us, with Mother Earth and humanity, and because we live in constant motion, we notice changes more than most people. In recent years and months we’d been witnessing very disturbing trends and events in the domain of human activity and its effects on the Earth and ourselves.

We were so thankful to be back at ‘Balarnia’, for however long we could stay, as there not only could we live in almost total isolation from ‘civilization’, we could be away from all forms of electricity and all forms of human noise, on land that had never been farmed, logged, or poisoned, and was in no immediate danger.

We decided to dedicate our time there to living as if our survival depended on what we did there, to make a full-on effort to push the limits of what we could do in terms of growing our own food, living simply yet creatively. We sought to BE the reality we would like to see people living, a ‘reality’ that actually makes sense because, as we see it, humanity is no longer “on the brink”, we are going over the edge. “Enlightened” people and organizations purporting to be about “protecting the environment” or “attaining higher consciousness” all say things that sound good ‘on paper’, but at the end of the day, they ALL get in their SUV, drive to their big house, turn on the television, cook up some steak or sea-food, and do some ‘smart banking’ on their mobile phones.

The legendary linguist Korzybski poignantly observed that “the map is not the territory.” The current “mental operating environment” of “civilized” humanity enables, or even exhorts, us to live in our maps, instead of the real world, to eat our menus rather than real food; to be less and less human just as the world around us becomes less and less natural.

Our goal at ‘Balarnia’ was to live in the real world as fully as possible, to spend our time and energy on things that made sense with respect to our highest knowledge and awareness. So in addition to living at a very low level of energy consumption, an extremely high work-output level, growing our own food, and collecting our own rain water, we honoured indigenous tradition, cosmic creativity and our spiritual path through being with nature and through the construction of our “Mother Earth Temple.” We tried to show the Great Spirit that the “people of one heart” were alive and well, at least at ‘Balarnia.’

See the links below for recent ‘Balarnia’ postings:



The very first thing we did upon arrival other than clean up and gather fire wood was to make another medicine wheel in front of our house. I was somehow inspired to build a “Djed pillar” to go in the centre. The Egyptian new year, 23 July, was only four days away and I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to “raise the Djed”, possibly the first time this may have been done in the southern hemisphere.

The Djed pillar is both symbol and ceremony, the most powerful and esoteric in ancient Egyptian cosmology. It represents the back-bone of Osiris, signifies cosmic stability and regeneration, and is done at crucial moments of history, sacred “windows of time” and junctions of cycles.

I constructed our Djed pillar from old pvc piping, wooden cable spools and an old insulator made of ceramic and glass. We raised it on the Egyptian new year, and saw some dolphins later that day, the first time we’d ever seen any at ‘Balarnia.’ The next day we saw some chem-trails, but some unusual “organic cloud beings” appeared and drove the chem-trails out of the sky. We started to realize that “raising the Djed” seemed to have activated a higher level of cosmic coolness, and wondered if in fact we were becoming true “Djedi”?

For more information on the Djed, see Moira Timms' article here:


As we began making the medicine wheel around the Djed pillar, and as I began to clear out the space in front of our house, the concept of the chakras flashed in my mind, and I was inspired now to use the available space for the construction of seven medicine wheels, one for each chakra.

For more information on the chakras see another Moira Timm's article:
We centered the red/root chakra on a regenerating eucalyptus tree about 30 metres away, and began to visualize how it would look, marking the various chakra centres with metal rods.

Right where the heart chakra should be was the stump of an old eucalyptus tree that Arni had cut down years before. At first I was going to remove the stump, but then realized that it should be integrated into the design, which now included a kiva to be built centred on the heart chakra. This was all highly symbolic, as the Djed pillar is related to the concept of a “world tree” common to many mythologies; having a stump at the heart chakra symbolized the way that humanity had cut itself off from nature, but a healthy regenerating tree at the root chakra symbolized the renewal of life, the re-birth of the ‘world tree’, reaching up through the chakras with the “xylem and phloem of kundalini” to the Djed pillar at the crown/violet chakra. If humanity opens its heart to Mother Earth, maybe the old stump will begin to regenerate into a healthy tree at the heart chakra!!!

How cool this was all becoming! Beyond being simply stone mandalas on the ground, this project was extending first into three and then into several more dimensions! The Djed pillar was aimed at the zenith, where we could see the Hunab Ku just after dark in the first few weeks we were there; I painted an ascending spectrum on the pillar, and installed a rod pointed at the south celestial pole, which is in fact the central axis of the Earth’s magnetic fields. The Hunab Ku is the Mayan name for the centre of the galaxy; it is in the vicinity of a globular cluster between Sagittarius and the tail of Scorpio. The Mayans believe that emanations from the Hunab Ku create all the stars of the galaxy, and therefore all planets, all life, all consciousness.

A kiva is another native American tradition, a circular structure built more or less down in the ground in which meetings and ceremonies would be held. Ours was made of lumber lying around, much of it from old shipping pallets. The stump became part of the kiva structure. I decided to build it as a hexagon in honour of the symmetry of the snow-flake, and filled the roof with sand, on which was a unique stone medicine wheel consisting in part of a cycle of 28 lunar-phase rocks.

Each medicine wheel/chakra has a large rock in the corresponding colour, with the Sanskrit name and symbol of the chakra, as well as the Chinese name of the colour; each wheel also has several more rocks painted with “geo-harmonic” glyphs, along the same line as the “Gaiodes” rocks in our Darwin medicine wheel from last year.

The entire complex basically evolved and “grew” much like a living thing; it was completed only a couple weeks before we had to leave. We “activated” it in many ways, but primarily through burning sage, using the “ancient harmonic languages”, and focusing our thoughts and intent using the dream-catcher, as well as playing music inside the “sacred space” of the kiva, which we had come to think of as the “helm” or “command module” of the entire complex, which physically resembles both a crop circle and the interstellar spacecraft Discovery in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

We tried to anchor a vortex of cosmic harmony within our micro-environment of oneness with nature. We strove to honour and to maintain the essence of all sacred indigenous ceremonies aimed at preserving and strengthening life in all forms, to recognize and acknowledge all ancestors, nature devas and fellow beings of all dimensions, in particular, the spirits of all who have been mercilessly killed by the Wasichu mentality over the past five thousand years.

We realized that this “complex” was not actually built for people; if no one ever sees it it won’t matter, because it’s there as a sacred space for beings of love from all dimensions, all times, spaces and realities. Our purpose was to show the world of spirit, local and non-local, that we DO care about them, we DO love them, and we WANT them to remain with us and have a nice place to dwell.

We think of it as a very special and unique “neo-shamanic poly-indigenous geo-cosmic technology” (NeSh-PoIn GeCoTech) that is self-sustaining and powered by the energies of Taiowa (the sun), Kuwaqatsi (Mother Earth), the Hunab Ku (centre of the galaxy). It is a multi-dimensional transducer of emanations and consciousness; think of it as a form of ‘radio transmitter’ broadcasting on the wavelengths of water-based life, from the Earth and other planets, amplifying the messages from the whales and dolphins and translating these frequency spectra into vibrations that resonate with the spiritual structure of humanity. When you look at these photos, and/or visualize it in your mind’s eye, you are holomorphically connected to these vibrations and can then draw on this power to raise your own vibration, amplify your own creativity, and navigate your highest spiritual path. Who knows, our “complex” might even function as a sort of “geo-tronic anti-H.A.A.R.P. shield!” By tuning into our “Mother Earth Temple” you can raise your own “inner Djed” and balance your chakras. You might even be inspired to paint some rocks or build a stone medicine wheel yourself, or to get Liesbet and me to come and build one for you!

What really put this whole project into perspective was the realization that some less-mainstream “2012” researchers, specifically Carl Calleman, have been saying that, according to their understanding of the Mayan calendar, the Baktun cycle actually closes on 28 October 2011, not 21 December 2012.
"Human consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau) when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end."


I know Carl and he's made some very valuable contributions to "all things Mayan." Although some of his ideas about "life after 2012" seem a bit silly or naive, it's very significant that, through suggesting that all these huge cycles may have 'ended'/'began again' ALREADY. I was never a fan of specific dates or times; to me, it's all about "windows of alignment" if you insist on thinking in terms of 'time' and 'space' rather than qualities of consciousness (or UNconsciousness, which seems to be more abundant).

I never thought of this until mid-November, but it made perfect sense: the universe had called on us during one of the most powerful “sacred moments of time” that could be experienced in not only a human life-time, but a human “civilization” epoch as well, to make real the absolute best we could come up with in terms of what it means to be a human being.

This is what we did at ‘Balarnia.’ We lived as simply and powerfully as possible, thankful for the abundance of fresh food and rain water (for billions of humans, these would be worth FAR more than any amount of gold), clean air and beautiful nature, the community of “mitakuye oyasin” who are our friends of all kingdoms, and honoured the highest creativity we have access to with our “Mother Earth Temple.”

Through the "hundredth monkey effect" maybe we've somehow made it easier for other people to "live simply so that others may simply live" and to mobilize their highest levels of creativity towards the well-being of Mother Earth and all her passengers/crew.

We’re a step ahead: while many people are passively waiting for the “world to end” in December of next year, we were guided to forge ahead into the “new creation” already, armed with sand, stone, paint, shovel, wheel-barrow…and our very own “ultimate technology.”

Later on I will post additional information on the esoteric and metaphysical aspects of “geo-technologies”

For now this link will show you another piece of art that was finished in September 2001, just when the time-line encoded in the Great Pyramid ended. This piece of art is in fact the "internal control panel" for our Mother Earth Temple. When you activate your "ultimate technology" then you are at the helm of your total self!



(all sand and rocks from local beaches)


Rocks in wheels 1018
Rocks in channels 270
Painted rocks 77

TOTAL 1365




Hopi “motivated” Man
T’ai Chi (yin-yang)
Aboriginal energy hand
Chakra/spectrum/Hunab Ku star-chart


Aboriginal flag
Hundertwasser flag
Hiku turtle
Hunab Ku


Hopi ‘prophecy rock’ diagram
Chinese wisdom symbols
Solar spectrum-pyramid

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