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NOTE FROM JEFF:  My latest contribution to the use of English is equal parts satire, social criticism, psychological analysis and exo-anthropology (i.e., from the perspective of scientists from another planet studying us).  Steve Martin once observed that 'talking about music is like dancing about architecture.'  In the same way, 'writing about reality' is like 'eating the menu.'  But homo sapiens is a huge fan of fiction; since when did a pervasive sense of unreality ever slow us down?  In the spirit of contradiction, and having wishfully observed that the 'age of talking' is over, allow me to say a few more things, just for fun.  In the same way that no corporation can itself be held liable for anything it has done or didn't do, as it has the 'rights' of a person yet exists only as a sort of 'legal fiction'...when it comes down to it, there's literally nobody there...in this same way, when it comes down to 'humanity' being responsible for things we've done or refused to do or not do...there's nobody to blame because there's nobody there.  Think about it.  Can 'Humanity, Inc.' be held accountable for any of its actions?  No matter WHO you talk to about the problems that humanity is obviously creating for our planet and ourselves, very few people think that they themselves have anything to do with it, or are even affected by any of it.  Let somebody else deal with it.  But WHO?  NOBODY did any of this 'global industrial civilization' stuff...it just kind of happened on its own, right?  It's as if the billions of people doing all these things...logically, as who else could it be?...were no more than protoplasmic modules carrying on the work of large amorphous fictions.  This is the point we've arrived at.  My question is, is THIS really the best we can do with having had the opportunity to be human beings for uncountable milennia?

The salient characteristics defining Generation 'F' may be unique to this day and age, but we of today are not the first to think we saw 'the end' looming on the horizon.  Judaeo-Christian eschatology has itself loomed on the virtual horizon from day one, A.D., that is...isn't the Gregorian calendar the world's first temporal encryption of autogenetic catastrophe?  On a larger scale, our most distant ancestors have been repeatedly traumatized by on-going cosmic catastrophes resulting in 'cataclysmic evolution' that has influenced who and what we are now, perhaps far moreso than Darwin's forces of 'natural selection.'

What is unique today is that the origin of the catastrophe looming on our horizon is not cosmic but very much terrestrial, very much autogenetic.  Until now, at no point in the history of civilization as we know it have humans possessed the technological means and psychological aberration to threaten life as we know it.  No words in any language can describe the current global scenario.  The Hopi have koyaanisqatsi, powaqatsi and nakoyaqatsi, the Hindus have Kali yuga.  Even these sophisticated terms, however, do not encompass the incomprehensible debacle of anthropogenic catastrophism.

When it comes to accountability and responsibility, is there really nobody home?  Are we all out to lunch?  Logically, either no one among us is responsible, or we all must be.  Since the physical and biological reality of the situation is over-whelming, I must conclude that, as a whole, we ARE out to lunch.  And what are we having today?  Les faux du jour avec beaucoups des betes noires.

Does a species that's out to lunch really deserve to inhabit a beautiful planet like Mother Earth?  Does a species that's destroying it's home deserve to continue to exist?  Is Mother Earth, in her ancient and loving wisdom, conserving her time and energy and simply allowing homo sapiens to run the gamut of his beloved 'intelligence', eventually to take himself out of the equation of life?  You be the judge.
The inspiration for this treatise has come from my deep love of life coupled with my increasing disenchantment, even horror, at the insanity and debasement of the human spirit that is passing for 'normal' and acceptable these days.  The bloated 'material wealth' of the 'civilized' people of today is in direct proportion to their poverty of spirit.  The people of today seem to think that there is no spiritual law or universal truth other than 'look out for number one.'  I often feel embarrassed at how my 'fellow man' tends to spend his time, energy and attention;  in the face of the universe, I sometimes feel ashamed to be a timeless and creative spirit in the body of a homo sapiens.  Much of my motivation is on behalf of the non-human beings who must endure our depravity.  Ultimately, the universe knows and nurtures those who love her, and a handful of us are still 'keepers of the faith'...not of externally-originating 'salvation' but internally-arising awakening.

"GENERATION ‘F’:  How Humanity Is Winning the War On Itself"
“Materialism has been the coarse fabric of our dreams…There was nothing else…just materialism.  There is no passion to give us a dream of the good life, a vision of love and beauty, a sense of a variety of life-styles, of alternative viewpoints and philosophies through which we may fulfil ourselves in different ways.”

Gordon McLauchlan, The Passionless People (1970)


FICTION and FAKE Reality

As a lover of life and the beauty of nature, I’ve been compelled in recent years to investigate the increasingly blatant paradoxes and incoherencies characterizing the overall human process on Spaceship Earth, contradictions which are undermining the well-being of ourselves and our planet. ‘Material possession’ is not confined to any particular country, but defines the essential values of western civilization.

Without wishing to come across as misanthropic or anti-human, and despite being one myself, I’ve concluded that as a whole, humanity is waging war not only on our planet, on life as we know her, but on ourselves as well.  I cannot think of a better way to describe what we are doing.  This war is only in part scientifically premeditated, purposive and ‘military’; even greater is the ‘invisible war’, the damage being done by resource extraction, industry, waste generation, ecological destruction, health degradation, ‘manufactured disasters’, and covert depopulation agendas, not to mention the cumulative side-effects of our day-to-day routines, our ‘unconscious jihad’ against nature.  The problem is that humans are doing all these things; the mystery is that we refuse to stop doing them, or even to acknowledge that they exist or should concern us.

The origin of our problems is not biological but psychological.  This document is not yet the treatise on human dMOE’s, or ‘distributed mental operating environments’ needed to help us re-orient, remember, reprogram and renavigate our perspectives in space, time, consciousness and being here now, but more of a ‘preamble’ of sorts, laced with requisite levels of satire and sarcasm…a darkness of humour some people might find amusing but whose ultimate subjects are very much not appreciated by those billions of us living in abject poverty and under attack by forces of ‘humanitarian liberation’ and ‘democracy’, by all the other kingdoms of life on this planet who are suffering and dying because of human activity.

Many, perhaps the majority, of people in modern western society, living in any country, who like to think of themselves as ‘civilized’ (and indeed they probably are, as ‘civilized’ means literally, ‘living in cities’), go about their current day to day lives in much the same way as the people of Nazi Germany did:  eating, drinking, being ‘merry’, going to work, shopping, visiting friends, going on holiday.  People of today have an even broader spectrum of ‘civilized’ activities, including watching tv, talking or texting on mobile phones, Smart-banking and checking their Facebook accounts.

In Nazi Germany, people may have heard an occasional ‘scream’ in the night, lots of ‘cattle cars’ coming and going at odd hours, anomalous smoke rising from ‘tire factories’ in the country-side; today, people may wonder why, for example, so many people they know might be getting cancer, why governments are giving money to banks, or why ‘murder and annihilation’ seem to be prerequisites for the “freedom-and-democracy-‘Amerikan’-style” proffered so generously thoughout the world.  They might even glimpse a ‘con-trail’ that persists for half the day.  It’s all a bit worrisome, but since most people get their ‘reality updates’ from television, today more than ever a pervasive belief exists that everything is basically A-OK, with just a few little glitches here and there from recalcitrant factions of resistance, people who won’t ‘join the program.’  Those lingering ‘con-trails’ are there simply to mitigate the effects of ‘global warming’, OK?  OK.  When a pod of French-fried dolphins washes up on a beach close to naval exercises and seismic testing, the cause of death is a ‘mystery illness.’  And remember…only SAFE levels of radiation have come from Fukushima.

Nothing could be further from the truth, today moreso even than in Nazi Germany.  In the same way that this article is not an attempt to conduct a systematic analysis of our current ‘mental operating environment’ that is part and parcel of our problems, it is also not an exploration of the obvious, ominous and amplified parallels between the Third Reich and the ‘New World Order’.  Suffice it to say that the damage being inflicted by ‘Amerika’ and the forces of global hegemony is to Nazi Germany as an atomic bomb is to a stick of dynamite; the Nazis didn’t have television, atomic weapons, genetic engineering, computers, HAARP…or Facebook!

This article IS a piece of critical journalism in the style of a book from the early 1970’s called The Passionless People by Auckland writer Gordon McLauchlan.  With sharp wit and incisive observation, he raked the Kiwi mentality of the day over the coals of hubris and sanctimony; my goal is to do this for the globally-distributed ‘western privileged-civilized mentality’ which I perceive as being the tap-root of our malaise.  My purpose is not so much to defoliate the vegetation of our collective psyche, but to prune its excessive and mutated growth back to a manageable level…so that we can see the forest and the trees as mutually-inter-dependent.

I’ve often been accused of being a comedian, but it’s not something I set out to become, or even try to do on purpose.  It’s just that the raw material of intelligent humour often consists of observations of inconsistencies or incoherencies in daily life and the world around us; conversely, when you try to talk about these contradictions in the human process, you come across as a comedian…because the world we insist on creating for ourselves is a veritable tragi-comedy of the absurd.  So if you find my observations to be humorous or amusing, it’s not because I necessarily think all this stuff is funny; on the contrary, I find it all extraordinarily scary to be honest.


Many of the salient issues and problems with which we are confronted today are represented by words beginning with the letter ‘f.’  With ineffable efficacy allow me to proceed, moderately self-effacingly, to share with you some observations in several key areas affecting human and planetary health and well-being.  This list is by no means exhaustive; if I took the time, I could probably come up with several issues for each letter of the alphabet.  ‘First’ begins with ‘f’, so it’s a logical place to start.

We who are alive now, the adults of the early 21st century, are Generation ‘F’.  We are possibly the last generation of human beings who will be able to remember what undisrupted nature was like.  We are quite possibly the last generation of human beings who will physically resemble our ancestors of thousands and millions of years.  We may be the last generation of people who could even loosely be defined as ‘people.’  And we are the generation who has sat and watched tv while World War 3.0+ has raged around and within us; we’ve seen third-world peoples blown to smithereens and poisoned with radio-active dust and muttered to ourselves, “That’s a shame, isn’t it?” while flicking the channel-changer and munching another potato chip.  Collectively, we have assumed that what we do doesn’t matter, so we’ve done nothing…except function as soldiers in World War 3.0+ ourselves.  This HAS mattered; this is why we’ve arrived at the current level of our most advanced weapons systems being deployed against ourselves.  This is the primary reason that we are now Generation ‘F.’


Archaeo-zoologists tell us that the earliest forms of multi-cellular animals were more or less very tiny food tubes, that is, a mouth, a digestive canal, and an excretory pore.  Eating, along with sleeping and breathing, is one of the must basic processes that ALL humans engage in, regularly if possible, but to widely varying degrees.  Animals are heterotrophs, who are not able to make their own food, whereas the plant kingdom is autotrophic, meaning that they can synthesize their food from sunlight, soil and water, by means of photosynthesis, which is THE single most important life-process on our planet.  Without photosynthesis, NO life would exist except for anaerobic cyano-bacteria (even benthic organisms rely on biological matter descending from above to feed on).  For this reason I’ve often considered that plants are actually much more ‘highly evolved’ organisms than animals; they have a more intimate relationship with the sun, our primary life-giver, and don’t need biological ‘middle-men’ to survive, nor do they need to be hunters or gatherers…they are ‘light-farmers’, the original prosumers.

Needless to say, the food thing is a HUGE source of problems. One-half to one-third of all human beings are chronically under-nourished; a growing per centage chronically over-eat but are also under-nourished.  Malnutrition and obesity are only two of a vast number of food-related issues which plague the human process.  If we look at the amount of resources…land, energy, labour, water, plant and animal life…consumed by the food thing, it’s astronomical.  The amount of industry devoted to things calling itself ‘food’ might exceed even the military-industrial complex, if that were possible; that much of the ‘food’ industry IS part of the MIC could be logically argued…just think of the amounts of toxic chemicals, food additives, preservatives, and unidentified by-products comprising ‘food’ these days, the quantities of fertilizers and pesticides used on crops, the plastics used for packaging.  

Americans Eat 35 Lbs. of 'Stupidity'-Linked High-Fructose Corn Syrup Per Year

Think of the entire GE/GMO scenario, ostensibly about ‘food production’ but really about depopulation.  And think of animals as food, that is, MEAT.  This alone is a gigantic lead weight of negative karma around the neck of humanity.  Animal rights activists estimate that over 60 billion animals are slaughtered for meat annually.  Did ANY of these fellow beings volunteer to be killed?  Did they have a choice?  Think about it.  And consider the plethora of degenerative diseases humans succumb to resulting from the consumption of animal products?  

Cancer Rates Can Be Cut in Half with Life-style Changes


How about "meat' from insects?


Then there’s the Soylent Green scenario…coming soon to a planet near us?







Until we learn how to photosynthesize…or become trans-genic…what will Ray Kurzweil eat in a few thousand years?...we’re stuck with the eating thing.  But almost all ‘civilized’ people could eat much more healthfully and ecologically, simply and consciously.  Indian yogis exist who are able to subsist in perfect health on NO food whatsoever, by the direct ingestion of sunlight.  I think this is entirely possible; if plants can do it, why couldn’t we?



Finally, there’s Loren Eiseley’s concept of the ‘world-eaters’:


“Western man’s ethic is not directed toward the preservation of the earth that fathered him. A devouring frenzy is mounting as his numbers mount. It is like the final movement in the spore palaces of the slime molds…It came to me in the night, in the midst of a bad dream, that man, like the blight descending on a fruit, is by nature a parasite, a spore bearer, a world eater. The slime molds are the only creatures on the planet that share the ways of man from his individual pioneer phase to his final immersion in great cities.”

Collectively, if we were nearly as concerned with our wastes and excretions as we were with getting and eating food, we’d be in a much better balance with our planet.  Austrian artist and visionary Hundertwasser wrote an entire chapter on the importance of having a positive relationship with our feces.

FOOD for thought.


When Uncensored editor Jon Eisen looked at this article a couple days ago, his immediate response was “Holy Shit!”  Ironically, the ‘feces’ section had yet to be conceived.

The denial and revulsion with which ‘civilized’ humanity deals with his primary metabolic waste product is no less extreme than his preoccupation and obsession with food and eating.  Feces is no less natural than food, and actually started out as food; feces, moreover, not only retains nutritional value and feeds myriad life-forms, but is prized and deployed as the organic fertilizer par excellence around the world.  And having proper ‘movements’ is as essential to good health as is a balanced and living diet.  So why does our ‘mental operating environment’ demean and denounce something so natural, so vital; why do we persist in using slang words like ‘shit’ as metaphors for things we despise,
and 'ass-hole' for people we don't like?  Without shit we'd never have eaten, and without ass-holes we'd all be even more full of shit than we are now!

Our primordial ‘food tube’ design begins with the mouth and ends with the anus; food goes in, is digested, and feces comes out.  This fundamental process is pretty much the norm for the entire animal kingdom.  I’m not an anthropologist but I doubt that indigenous cultures have had much of a problem with their feces.  Leave it to ‘civilized’ humanity to obsess over the totally natural; leave it to psycho-psychiatrists like Freud to come up with the notions of oral and anal fixation.

As I see it, pure feces, uncontaminated by toxic residue, is infinitely more valuable than gold or any other ‘precious metal.’  Billions of kilograms are produced daily, automatically and free of charge.  We won’t explore the highly symbolic connections here, but feces obviously has an immense utilitarian use-value in the life-cycle of animals and plants that is of far greater relevance than the possession of shiny metals.  What if indigenous peoples had been murdered and enslaved because of the white man’s greed for their shit?

Austrian artist Hundertwasser was light-years ahead of ‘civilized’ humanity in everything he did.  He loved  the plant kingdom, he detested straight lines and right angles in art and architecture, he adored organic forms, and he is the only person I know to write an entire treatise on the importance of having a positive relationship with our feces.


“A person should be buried only half a meter, or two feet, below the surface. Then a tree should be planted there. He should be buried in a coffin that decays so that when you plant a tree on top the tree will take something out of his substance and change it into tree-substance. When you visit the grave you don’t visit a dead man, you visit a living being who was just transformed into a tree. You say, “This is my grandfather, the tree is growing well, fantastic.” You can develop a beautiful forest that will be more beautiful than a normal forest because the trees will have their roots in graves. It will be a park, a place for pleasure, a place to live, even a place to hunt.

It took millions of years for vegetation to cover the sludge and toxic substances with a layer of humus, a layer of vegetation and a layer of oxygen, so that humans can live on earth.

And now ungrateful humans are bringing the sludge and toxic substances – which have been covered with tedious cosmic effort – back up to the surface.

In this way, through the misdeeds of the irresponsible human species, the end of the world is becoming the beginning of all time. We are committing suicide. Our cities are carcinomas.

We don’t eat what grows near us – we import food from far away, from Africa, America, China and New Zealand.

We don’t keep our shit. Our rubbish, our waste is flushed far away. We are poisoning rivers, lakes and oceans with it, or we transport it to complicated and expensive purification plants, or more rarely to centralized composting facilities. In other cases, our waste is destroyed. The shit never returns to our fields, and neither does it return to where our food comes from.

The cycle by which food becomes shit is functioning.
The cycle by which shit becomes food is broken.

Whenever we flush our toilets, with the conviction that we are performing a hygienic act, we are breaking cosmic laws, because in reality it is a godless act, a sacrilegious gesture of death.

When we go to the toilet, lock it from the inside and flush away our shit, we are trying to put an end to something. What are we ashamed of? What are we afraid of? The same love, same time and care must be spent for what comes out 'behind', as for what goes in 'front'. The same ceremony as in food, with table cloths, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, silverware and candlelight. We have table prayers before and after eating.  Nobody prays when they shit.  We thank God for our daily bread, which comes from the earth, but we do not pray, that our shit is converted freely back into the earth. Wastes are beautiful.”

From the Holy Shit Manifesto


War over shit

Belgian shit machine

Japanese scientist makes meat from shit

Factory farms = 100x the waste of humans

High Tech Revolution Ends Up in Toilet 

FICTION and FAKE Reality

A good friend of mine recently chastised me for failing ever to read any novels that weren’t science-fiction.  I responded that there’s way too many areas in which I’m grossly under-informed; it’s partly a matter of time, but also of survival, not of the fittest, or the most highly amused, but the wisest.  Back in the proverbial day maybe there was a time when the pursuit of entertainment and escapism had its place, even for aware people who strove for the Jeffersonian necessity of ‘informed democracy.’  As technology has advanced relentlessly, however, leaving the basic mentality of the typical homo sapiens in medieval dust, we enthusiastically embrace and are affected by new products and processes, yet abhor to pursue an even rudimentary understanding of the basic science making possible what have now become the primary weapons of our full-spectrum war on ourselves and our planet.  One of my duties as a ‘thinker’ is to compensate for legions of couch-potatos.

Besides, to me, anything that’s real, even though it may be mediocre, uninteresting, or even scary, is generally much more valuable than the most grandiose and purposive fiction.

In a deep philosophical and cosmic sense, everything we have in the way of ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge’ is ultimately a species-specific fiction:  a product of the human mind.  “Hey, but the atomic bomb is pretty real, eh?” you might say.  I would respond, “How many atomic detonations have YOU ever witnessed?  And how much ionising radiation have YOU ever seen or detected?  And have you ever met Obama in person?”  The point is that the VAST MAJORITY of everything we assume to be ‘real’ is really no more than information in our brains that may or not have a basis in physical reality; in the ‘age of information’ most of what we think we know is a product of someone else’s creativity, usually well-remunerated.  More often than not, we have no way to verify whether something is in fact ‘real’ or not.  Obviously, we are fairly content to take someone else’s words for most things; otherwise, ‘reality verification’ teams would be in operation in every corner of the globe.

All ‘truth’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘reality’ itself is a product of the human psyche; how could it not be?  Even direct, shamanic knowledge or information is transduced via our internal bio-technology.  Our ability to create and perceive ‘reality’ is our greatest gift, if properly utilized, but if not, it’s our Achilles heel.  In addition, ours isn’t the only ‘reality management system’ that exists on this planet, nor the most sophisticated; that would belong to the cetaceans, the whales and dolphins.  This, too, is another story soon to be told.  And.

This is a hard one, but even our most ‘ancient wisdom’ from authoritative and definitive sources is a product of merely human minds.  Claiming to be speaking on behalf of this or that ‘gOd” serves only to legitimise the hallucination of absolute authority, certainty, or reality.

Even at our honest best, striving for selfless and eternal truth in the service of all of mankind, we are still hopelessly constrained by the structure and function of our neurobiology.  As long as we understand this, and don’t confuse the map with the territory, we are ok.  In this area we stand to learn a lot from our friends in the sea, the cetaceans.  When we mistake our own symbols, our words, for the ‘reality’ itself we are in dangerous waters, possibly a whirl-pool of cess.  Hence the perils of relying too much on an Indo-European symbolic language to run the world:  we become ‘menu-eaters’ and worshipers of symbols, for example, money.

This is if we’re honest.  If we’re a little more…’concerned with the public good’ as PR specialists would put it…if we’re sneaky, manipulative and want to influence people without them being aware of it, to serve our own hidden agendas, then a vast paradigm of thought control, mind-management and cognitive coercion is at our disposal, providing us with control over psyche through techne.  And lies require believers in order to work.

This itself is a HUGE area of investigation, and one that I’ve spent almost 3 decades researching.  In my site and blog below I attempt to share the essence of this work.


Obviously humans aren’t the only life-forms on the planet, nor are we the only ones who matter, although our behaviour would indicate that we think otherwise.  No matter what we think or say, in whatever language, our actions speak FAR louder than do our words with respect to our larger ‘family of life’, the planetary biosphere, Gaia herself.

To the world of nature, the entire edifice of inter-human communication, its sophisticated technologies and speed-of-light transmissions, is little more than a confused tangle of wasted energy and species hallucination.  From every place where humans can be found, we constantly send and receive innumerable communications indecipherable and meaningless to all other species.

What everyone else DOES understand is our actions; our fellow beings probably perceive that all the ‘communications’ we constantly exchange are noisy instructions on how to destroy the Earth more effectively.  This in essence and in REALITY is what we as a whole are doing:  the net effect of the human presence on Earth is that of ecocide and genocide.

That as a whole we are obsessed with fiction, fake reality and false beliefs, particularly about ourselves, is unequivocal; that this fiction taken as a whole is not neutral but steeply biased towards facilitating destructive thought and action is equally unequivocal.  Increasingly ubiquitous technologies of mass-media and electronic mind-control modulate and influence a growing per centage of our daily ‘mind-share.’  Slowly, gradually, and methodically we’ve been trained, engineered, and indoctrinated to consume and ingest as our own the thoughts, beliefs, and surrogate reality served up as convenient products whose origin and necessity remain unquestioned.  As long as we insist on a diet of fiction and fake reality, however, as long as we want to be deceived, new precedents of incredulity will continue to be set; the unreality industry knows no bounds.
Recent history is little more than a series of 'false-flag' operations.  We hold ‘global warming’ and ‘Islamic terrorists’ to be our greatest threats, even as we learn of record cold temperatures in many places and witness the genocidal aftermath of American ‘foreign policy’ as it ‘liberates’ nation after nation.  Our most fundamental beliefs have all the makings of a collective ‘Piltdown Man’ episode…an admitted fraud that became so entrenched in society that it took decades to get rid of it!  How far into the next Ice Age might we get before ‘global warming’ is accepted as a fraud?  Nature is truly ‘real’ in ways that nothing man-made can claim to be; how long before we succumb to the accumulated toxicity of our recycled delusion?

“Piltdown man is one of the most famous frauds in the history of science.“


Our belief in the reality of money is rapidly becoming the ‘Piltdown Man’ of banking and finance, a shared delusion second only to our belief that we really are homo sapiens, ‘man, the wise.’


I highly recommend a documentary called The Money Masters, which traces the development (emphasis on ‘devel’) of the modern financial system, from the origins of paper money as receipts for gold, to the birth of central and fractional reserve banking, and on to the current debacles of derivatives, melt-downs, bail-outs and a host of other ‘economic’ hallucinations being forced on the world. 

The bottom line is that money in all its myriad forms and manifestations is nothing more than a total fabrication whisked out of thin air by people who have appointed themselves as over-lords of our planet.

But it’s only worked because as a whole we’ve enthusiastically gone along with it…partaking of the very same mentality as the bankers.  Supposedly there was a time when paper money was ‘backed’ by gold; as far as I can ascertain, this time would have had to been at least 2000 B.C., in the days when ‘money’ was your gold receipt.

Since then, the delusion has been ‘capitalized’ on in every possible way; the only limit to the ‘power of money’ lies in how many ‘zeroes’ can exist…in other words, it’s limitless.  And it’s a game played to varying degrees by almost everyone, as it’s all but impossible to live even on the fringes of society without using money to some extent.

The important thing to realize is that it’s not the amount of money you have or desire to have, but the fact that it’s money that you want, as opposed to other values, other priorities, other ways of doing things, other realities.  Like other dimensions of our MOE, or ‘mental operating environment’, its existence is distributed throughout the psyches of billions of people who make its existence possible and who keep it alive. 

Money is ultimately psychological; and it only works on people…other people.  You wouldn’t sell something to yourself, would you?  Theoretically, we could accomplish everything we need to do with respect to social interaction and even business transactions without the necessity of the fraudulent financial ‘middle-men’ who are the ones really in control of the whole system.

The utter insanity of it all became clear to me when I realized that the banks and bankers who insist on stealing everyone’s money, whether it’s outright theft, scams, or ‘bail-outs’, are really stealing from themselves, right?  They invented modern money, they ‘print’ or fabricate it out of thin air?  Why bother to steal it when they can just make as much more as they like?

See, it’s not about the money…they know it’s a fraud; the whole idea is to use people’s devotion to money to enslave them and to steal their real, tangible resources, like land, resources, time, brain-power and life-energy.

And the term ‘devotion’ hardly describes the zeal and fanaticism surrounding the human obsession with money; I concluded long ago that capitalism IS a religion, more mainstream and universal than ANY strain of recognized organized religion.  Our collective worship of money is one of the most destructive aspects of modern ‘consciousness.’  Money, far more than ‘gOd’, is the true common ground of all religions.

Our just reward may come when the plug is finally pulled on ‘paper’ money, not withstanding the observation that only 3% of all ‘money’ has ever been printed, and centralized electronic ‘money’ tabulated on your micro-chip is the only way to ‘do business.’  What was that again about ‘special privileges’?

Watch ‘The Money Masters’ here:



Relatively recent ‘social media’ like Google and Facebook are only extensions of a publicly-accessible ‘virtual reality’ that includes email and the internet itself, which is an out-growth from ARPA and military communications networks, all of which rely on digital computers.  Because of its overt military origins, I always assumed that anything on-line existed as part of overt and/or clandestine weapons or surveillance systems.

While the public internet as a whole has probably been used far more for frivolous, irrelevant and even sociopathic ends, it has remained as an extremely powerful tool for networking and sharing information, for those who are able to remain focused on these goals.

With Facebook, however, I think the ‘mind managers’ succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.


“Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, has issued a stark warning over the amount of personal data people leave on the internet and suggested that many of them will be forced one day to change their names in order to escape their cyber past.”

I have a Facebook account that I started about a year ago.  As with email, I was a late-comer to Zuckerberg, Inc.  I always laughed at my friends who were so absorbed with it all, and still do, even more since I’m on there myself.  I use email mainly for serious information activism; I don’t take Facebook seriously except that I use it only as a way to network and share information.  You aren’t going to catch me sitting there ‘liking’ this or that ridiculous posting from someone describing their indigestion, latest emotional trauma or how pretty or cool they are.  You may catch me ‘commenting’ on the triviality or stupidity of the more salient absurdities I occasionally witness.  But in general what amazes me is that so many of these people obviously have nothing more important to do with their time…the precious hours of waking consciousness that could some day run in short supply.  It’s all about “me…Al Franken.”

Facebook is really not much worse than tv…or much better.  Sure, it’s a ‘two-way’ technology; the problem is with how people are choosing to use it.  To me, the contents of Facebook is a clear indicator that people in western society have once again become what the ancient Greeks called idiotes, the root of ‘idiot.’  These were people who were so selfish, so absorbed with the minutiae of their own isolated lives, so focused on their own navels that they had no interest whatsoever in the affairs of their community, their country, no concern for their fellow man or beyond.  Facebook can therefore be said, honestly and objectively, to be truly idiotic.  It also easily lends itself to the ‘sociometric’ hungers of totalitarianism.


I’ve never been sure why we ever had to have a ‘government’ to begin with, much less tolerating the existence of parasitic monoliths like religious, bureaucratic or corporate institutions.  The word ‘freedom’…another ‘f’ word…tends to be used quite a bit in the justifications for these entities:  ‘freedom’ of religion, ‘freedom and democracy’, or ‘economic freedom’, which in the words of media analyst Herbert Schiller, is merely a euphemism for corporate enterprise unfettered by social or environmental accountability.  And whose freedom?

The rampant growth of industrial ‘civilization’ throughout the 20th century was accomplished mainly by techniques of engineering in a large number of areas, the most insidious of which has been the manufacture and engineering of ‘consent’, of the manipulation of the mass-mind, or what has come to be known as ‘public relations’, or “PR.”  This paradigm of ‘mental genetics’ is central to modern history, and is the primary instrument by means of which contemporary levels of what Aldous Huxley calls ‘herd poisoning’ have been achieved.

Assisted by the ‘electronic dictators’ of radio and television, the forces of fascism, “a complete merger of state and corporate power”, have used “PR” to move beyond mere ‘damage control’, through the realms of Orwellian ‘double-think’, arriving at the current pinnacle of mind-management where, no matter what images or messages they put out, the vast majority of the public will assimilate it as gospel truth. 

With the assassination of JFK, the ‘shadow government’ took the helm and from then on has been using every trick in the book not only to ‘manufacture consent’ for their hidden agendas but also to manufacture ‘personalities’ or ‘celebrities’, an army of ‘talking heads’ who look pretty, sound believable, and come across as ‘friendly.’  Remember Reagan, the “GE cowboy” talking about ‘gOd’ and the ‘evil empire’, filling the vacuum of public leadership left in the wake of John Lennon’s assassination…with more vacuum.

As with Facebook, the progenitors of ‘friendly fascism’ have probably been astounded at their level of success.  They learned from Hitler that it’s better not to look too evil or pallid; hence Obama.

“A turd by any other name still smells just like shite.”
  William Shitespeare

Friendly Fascism:  The New Face of Power in America, Bertram Gross (1980)






Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is a not a recent innovation in hydro-carbon extraction, but is one of the most invasive and destructive methods in use.  Hydro-carbons have ‘traditionally’ been extracted through mining and well-drilling, where holes are dug or drilled into subterranean deposits.  “Fracking” injects highly-pressurized water containing dozens of extremely dangerous chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic endocrine-disruptors, into mineral deposits, which fractures the substrate, allowing more of the gaseous hydro-carbons to escape.  Some of the many grave dangers are seismic destabilization, the mobilization of rock-bound uranium and radon, and the poisoning of not only the ‘fracked’ regions but of entire water-tables and aquifers.  In many ways ‘fracking’ is even more insidious than strip-mining.

“Fracking” is practiced pretty much anywhere hydro-carbons exist to be extracted.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that deep-sea basins are “fracked.”  Ultimately, it’s just another weapon in the war on the Earth, a war that began when our ancestors began to “dig precious things from the land” in violation of the spiritual law of most indigenous cosmologies that have ever existed.  The Hopi of Arizona and the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia have advanced extensive warnings along these lines.

Civilization itself has been founded on engineering of the natural world; the earliest forms of engineering, of necessity, were efforts to chop down forests, quarry stone and mine minerals for construction and fabrication.

With every new resource extracted, with every new and more invasive technological method used, our negative karma has accrued ever more extensively.  In the middle ages, indigenous peoples were slaughtered for their gold; today it’s for their oil, uranium, and other ‘precious metals.’

The story has a ‘ring’ of familiarity to it…’my precious’?


Dr. Theo Colborn



Removal of billions of gallons of water from the earth’s surface arouses new opposition to fracking


The most reactive and highly weaponized of all the elements, fluorine and its derivatives and compounds are among the most ubiquitous and dangerous that exist.  Like the vast majority of all the elements, it occurs in nature, bound up with a variety of its cousins, in forms that are beneficial and necessary for living organisms.  The problems start when ‘man, the wise’ decides he needs to extract, isolate, and concentrate the body of the Earth; here the negative karma begins, but where it ends, nobody knows. 

In the early days of chemistry fluorine was sought after because it could react with anything; but for the same reason, it was difficult to contain.  It’s most extensive uses have been in the processing of mineral ores yielding aluminium and uranium, as well as in the manufacture of fertilizer; but “F” has found its way into a vast array of compounds, substances, and products, from nerve gas and pesticides, to CFC’s and Teflon to a million different esoteric industrial potions.  Over 30% of all pharmaceutical drugs, particularly tranquilizers, contain fluorine, because even in its elemental form it is a potent neurotoxin that induces docility.  Like its radio-active relative uranium, fluorine is a ‘bone-seeker.’

“F” has an interesting history in the military-industrial complex.  Before it was studied extensively by Manhattan Project scientists, it had already been added to water supplies in Nazi Germany concentration camps to make the prisoners more manageable.  In what has to be one of the most bizarre turns of events in the history of both the MIC and public relations; thanks to the same forces that made ‘fascism friendly’, almost overnight “F” was transformed from being a highly toxic industrial waste that could only be disposed of at great expense, to an essential chemical that was necessary for the prevention of tooth decay.  Ever since, fluoride has been added to tooth-pastes and public water supplies the world over, and continues to this day, despite being recognized as a major cause of cancer.

Once again, Piltdown Man is rolling in his grave, at having his thunder stolen again!  I can’t decide which is the bigger hoax, Piltdown Man, fluoride, ‘global warming’, Islamic terrorists, central banking, organized religion…or ‘safe levels of radiation”?

The Fluoride Deception



"Are You Unintentionally Poisoning Your Food with Sodium Fluoride?"



Our collective obsession with fiction, coupled with active disinformation and cumulative passively-acquired ignorance about all-things-scientific has resulted in a very unique historical, environmental and spiritual situation:  an ‘industrial catastrophe’ of unprecedented scale caused by an artificially-induced ‘natural disaster’ of indeterminate origin has for over a year been releasing astronomical quantities of the deadliest substances known to exist this side of a super-nova into the planetary biosphere…but it’s all OK, because most people think it won’t affect them, and besides…”it’s at safe levels.”  I can’t decide which is greater…the levels of radio-nuclides, lies, or mass-insanity.  Can these be quantified by ‘zeroes’ and powers of ten?



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“Great catastrophes of the past accompanied by electrical discharges and followed by radioactivity could have produced sudden and multiple mutations of the kind achieved today by experimenters, but on an immense scale.  The past of mankind, and of the plant and animal kingdoms, too, must now be viewed in the light of the experience of Hiroshima and no longer from the portholes of the Beagle.

Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, chapter 15, “Cataclysmic Evolution”

In recent years military strategists have shifted from nuclear to technetronic weapons, a leap as great as that from gunpowder to atom bombs.  The creation and accumulation, the ‘stock-piling’ and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomical quantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system exceeded in scale and intensity only by extra-terrestrially-originating catastrophes our planet has experienced throughout her long history. 

On the ‘grand chessboard’ of today, major players are able covertly to create ‘climate disruption’ which is blamed on ‘global warming’, or to create earth-quakes which may destroy a city and/or industrial installation, giving the appearance of a ‘natural disaster’ and releasing massive global radio-logical warfare, in the case of Fukushima.  In his own limited way, humanity deploys his most advanced technologies in order to ‘emulate the gods’ of cosmic death and destruction; this much we know.  The mystery is…why?

Denial, omission, marginalisation, disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’  In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reached unprecedented levels of incredulity.  The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental in maintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear.  Meanwhile, the radio-active fires rage on, bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.

Last week I received an autographed copy of Chernobyl:  Consequences for the People and the Environment from Dr. Alexey Yablokov.  He is the TOP researcher who understands what Fukushima means for life on this planet.  In his book is the ONLY presentation of the reality and complexity of radio-nuclide dissemination disasters I know of, for example, the totally unexpected behaviour of some isotopes of tellurium (Te-99) and americium (Am-241); Fukushima is astronomically vaster than Chernobyl in both complexity and quantity of substances released and continually being created and disseminated as I write this.

The figures about the total amounts of radiation being reported are WAY TOO LOW and misleading as well.

Hiroshima alone released 1.2 Mega Curies all at once with a 30 kilo-ton explosion.

The figure of '85 times the radiation of Chernobyl' is a gross under-estimate...it's probably closer to 10,000 Chernobyls for several reasons:

1) Fukushima has at least 3 total meltdowns so far…

2) Fukushima has permanently contaminated the entire Pacific ocean by sheer proximity and by using sea-water; this continues unabated over one year later.

3) At Chernobyl no spent fuel pools were destroyed...at Fukushima two spent fuel pools burned up in the first week.

A fourth pool is believed TO ALREADY HAVE LOST ITS WATER MONTHS AGO, was already on fire as early as the first days of the disaster, and is now emitting huge white clouds as of today (2 May 2012).

4) ALL spent fuel assemblies contain plutonium (plutonium is created as a fuel rod fissions and remains in there after it is removed from the reactor
A very small number of spent fuel rods contain enough plutonium to kill all human beings if 'properly' distributed; by reasonable estimates there have been HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUAL RODS that have rubbleized and/or vapourized since March 2011.

Purely logically and observationally, we KNOW that massive explosions destroyed the insides of buildings one and three…what is the probability that the spent fuel pools remained undamaged?


A vast planetary burden of synthetic radio-nuclides already existed throughout the biosphere…

Many hundreds (way more than 435) of civilian reactors exist and are in operation around the world right now, EACH of which has similar astronomical quantities of THE most dangerous materials known to exist.

The U.S. Navy alone operates possibly as many as between 500 and 1000 reactors of its own…

Tens of thousands of tons of uranium continue to be mined annually

Almost NO 'environmental organizations' even MENTION any of this…


THE SITUATION HAS BEEN AT 'MASS EXTINCTION' LEVEL SINCE THE FIRST WEEK AFTER IT BEGAN.  All we're talking now is ASTRONOMICAL OVER-KILL LEVELS.  The southern hemisphere ultimately is no safer than the north, people here will just mutate and die slightly later.  But it's not going to happen over-night...it might take a generation or two or three.


Have we ‘flunked out’ as a species in the university of life?  Have we already guaranteed the extinction of life on the only planet we know who has life? It’s a given that no one knows for sure what the long-term outcome of Fukushima will be for life on the Earth, and of the eventual impacts from myriad other ecological violations over centuries of human industrial civilization. 

Geneticists in Rachel Carson’s day told us that at least 25 generations of humans must be studied before the full effects of synthetic mutagens could be understood.  Based on biology as we know it, the prospects are grim, with respect to the global radio-logical scenario alone; add in the long-term morbidity/mortality coefficients for chemical, GE/GMO, EMR, environmental destruction, ‘weather warfare’, urbanization and institutionalised unreality initiatives, to name only a few, and the question becomes, “How much longer do we have?”

I’m not religious, but I also don’t believe that what we really are comes to an end when we under-go what is traditionally believed to be the inevitable transition from ‘this life’ to…   Here it all gets a bit muddled.  A lot of people seem to think that when they ‘die’ that that’s it, plain and simple.  No more anything.  I could never be comfortable with that belief; if for no other reason, it’s just too easy, almost a cop-out, that lets people give themselves the impression that no matter what they did or didn’t do in ‘this life’, that they can just escape, if only into non-existence.  I don’t think that’s how it works; our essence is spiritual, not material.

I claim no authority here; many do, but it’s pretty much of a fear-based industry.  I prefer to speculate based on my own experience in life so far.

To me, it seems that as a whole we are locked into ‘material possession’ mode; we’ve forgotten our true spiritual nature and think that matter is all that exists.  Indeed, this is the dominant characteristic of the Kali yuga, the season of a grand cycle in which we find ourselves now.  This makes a lot of sense to me, but the problem is that, even if this IS the Kali yuga, where are we in it and how long does it last?  What if it lasts for many thousands of years and we’re only at its inception?  Based on mainstream beliefs about geological time, a few hundred thousand or even millions years is nothing to Mother Earth.

For people who are truly awake, however, matter isn’t all that exists; a wide spectrum of consciousness is the true reality in many ways.  It’s only through consciousness that we perceive matter, and in that way, matter is really a form of consciousness.  Space, time and dimension are constructs of creative consciousness. I won’t go too far ‘down the rabbit hole’ here, but my intuition is that ultimately, consciousness can condense itself into matter but is limitless and self-existing.  Material universes are only one of many forms in which consciousness can express itself.

Every indigenous culture has its own unique spiritual cosmology providing a coherent frame of reference in which people can find meaning and understanding about what it means to exist as a human being.

In the world of today, as a whole we have no semblance of a coherent cosmology or spiritual world-view other than the array of products that we consume, believe in, and have become.  We tend to exist as isolated ‘me’s’ looking out for number one on the flat-screen of unreality.

Indigenous cosmologies provide a sense of belonging, a living awareness of being an integral part of a process that is much vaster than the individual life, a continuity from ancient ancestors flowing into seven or more generations hence.  The main purpose of the individual is to maintain the dharma of the highest paths, to keep the balance, to live in accordance with spiritual truth, to honour life by ‘living simply so that others may simply live.’

In the real world, where matter is created by consciousness, the transition from ‘this life’ to whatever comes next is not an escape into nothingness nor a bogey-man constellation of fear and uncertainty to live in denial of, but a new journey, a celebration of awakening, of remembering our origin in the light of eternal creative love, at least if we’ve lived life consciously.

Consciousness resides in everything, to varying degrees, yet one of our biggest delusions as homo sapiens has been that we are the sole ‘masters of reality’.  With much ado about nothing, humanity as a whole, individually and collectively, has strayed from the paths of spiritual truth so hard and for so long that we have now become Generation ‘F.’  We have chosen to focus on ‘mastering’ the material world, and in doing so, have rendered ourselves totally unconscious.

The sleeper must awaken.  I see it as a kind of collective ‘shamanic initiation’ for our species: if humans as a whole don’t pass this very real ‘test’ we are creating for ourselves…if we fail to muster a reverberating ‘wake up call’, take the helm and seize the day, to understand our true spiritual legacy as co-creators and to renavigate our current course towards oblivion, we stand little chance of being retained in the family of Gaia.  Our seeds will have little chance of sprouting.

We have already saturated the planetary biosphere with a full-spectrum of pathogens, carcinogens, and mutagens; we have successfully emulated the ‘gods of cataclysmic evolution.’  What little hope we might have rests on our waking up, on realizing that everything we do…or don’t do…DOES matter.  Each of us occupies a volume of protoplasm requiring a constant supply of food, energy, air, water, space and gravity.  We have no problem taking from the Earth.  Maybe we need to ask not what our planet can do for us, but what we can do…or stop doing…for our planet.

Our future is uncertain and unknown; ‘death’ is not what happens when we pass from ‘this life’ but simply the denial of consciousness.  A collective and concerted intent and effort towards even a minimal but positive spiritual renavigation could be the spark that ignites a billion lumps of gray matter to become a unified field of creative consciousness, and grants the spirit of Mother Earth some momentary relief.

Consciousness, creativity, love…these are eternal; ‘death’ is the illusion of identification with matter.  It’s possible to ‘die’ to our out-moded and pathological MOE’s, or ‘mental operating environments’ and, in the words of the ancient Egyptians, to ‘come forth by day’…to awaken to the beauty of infinity.

Throughout history shamanic initiations have provided such opportunities for the chosen individual; providence notwithstanding, cosmic necessity is currently forcing a collective initiation on humanity as a whole, whether we like it or not.  If we pass the test, we go to the next creatively improbable level; if we fail…we will be remembered in the Akkashic record simply as Generation ‘F.’

"...all these creations...like our own cosmos...were immensely capacious, immensely subtle;  and that, in some alien manner or other, every one of them had both a physical and a mental aspect; though in many the physical, however crucial to the spirit's growth, was more transparent, more patently phantasmal than in our own cosmos.  In some cases this was true equally of the mental, for the beings were often far less deceived by the opacity of their individual mental processes, and more sensitive to their underlying unity."

Olaf Stapledon, The Star-Maker, chapter 15, "The Maker and His Works"

MAY 2012


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